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Web3 Metaverse

  • Alchemy

    This channel is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DeFi.
  • Code Eater

    This channel provides quality content for the most demanding topics like Web3, Blockchain & Metaverse in a very simple, easy to understand manner in Hindi language.
  • Dapp University

    This channel also aims at providing you the best material for the Web3 and Blockchain and helps you in building some awesome projects .
  • Eat the Blocks

    Eat the Block is yet another YouTube channel with some in depth content on various topics on Web3 and Blockchain. It is one of those channels that you should definitely give a try if you want to step into this emerging field of tech.
  • Francesco Cuilla

    Francesco discusses a wide range of tech topics such as DevRel, Docker, Web3, and Blockchain.

    FreeCodeCamp is a superb website that aims to provide free high-quality tech content across all domains.
  • LearnWeb3 DAO

    LearnWeb3 DAO offers a one-stop roadmap for developers of all skill levels to break into Web3. Whether this is your first time programming, or you're already a senior developer, LearnWeb3 DAO has the resources for you.
  • Nader Dabit

    Nader's channels offers straight-to-the-point tutorials, live coding demos, and interviews focusing on modern web development, Web3, DeFi, cloud computing, and GraphQL.
  • Sarah Benson

    Sarah's channels focuses on a wide range of topics in the web3 ecosystem along with JavaScript, DAO, Blockchain and Solidity.