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  • 0to255

    0to255 is a color tool that makes it easy to find lighter and darker colors, or tints and shades, based on any color.
  • Color Contract Checker

    This an excellent site to check whether the contrast of two colors is good or not
  • Color Hunt

    Discover the newest hand-picked color palettes of Color Hunt. Get color inspiration for your design and art projects.
  • Coolors

    Coolors is the essential tool for creating color palettes. It generates perfect matching colors in seconds.
  • HTML Color Picker

    This is a color picker by w3schools which provides different shades of colors based on your requirements. It also gives Hex and RGB values of color.
  • huetiful-js

    This is a JavaScript library for simple color manipulations based on the Culori API. With over 50 utilities, Huetiful allows you to filter and sort color collections and query different properties of color as well as generate different palettes.
  • Open Color

    An open-source color scheme, optimized for UI. My go-to resource to choose colors from scratch.
  • Tailwind Colors

    This an excellent and popular set of color palettes by TailwindCSS. Get beautiful colors of all shades
  • UI Gradients

    Collection of beautiful color gradients for you to choose from and export to your project.