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  • 000webhost

    a hosting sevice provided by Hostinger, useful for quick testing purposes
  • Firebase Hosting

    Firebase Hosting is a Google hosting service which provides fast and secure hosting for your web app, static and dynamic microservices. it is production-grade web content hosting for developers.
  • Fly

    Fly is a serverless hosting platform that charges only for actual usage and provides automatic scaling and high availability for web applications. It offers a free plan with limited resources and paid plans with more processing power, storage, and bandwidth.
  • GitHub Pages

    A free hosting service provided by GitHub for hosting static websites from a GitHub repository. Simple to use but limited in customization options.
  • Heroku

    Heroku is a cloud platform for deploying static as well dynamic websites, supporting multiple programming languages. It offers convenient management and scaling options, but with a cost based on usage
  • Netlify

    A popular platform for deploying and managing web projects, including static websites. Offers easy setup and integration with popular front-end frameworks, as well as features such as continuous deployment, custom domains, SSL certificates, and free hosting.
  • PythonAnywhere

    A platform for hosting Python based web apps with a cloud-based development environment. Offers free hosting with limited options and paid plans for additional features.
  • Render

    Render is a comprehensive solution for hosting web applications, both static and dynamic, with a simple and streamlined deployment process. It offers a range of plans, including a free option with limited resources, and paid plans with increased storage, bandwidth, and processing power.
  • Vercel

    A cloud platform for building and deploying web projects, including static websites. Known for its fast CDN and Git integration. Offers custom domains, environment variables, and free hosting.