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  • BookBoon

    With a mission to provide everyone access to helpful and practical personal development content on an easy-to-use platform, a “boon” is exactly what we hope to deliver.
  • Computer Books

    This website provides free computer, mathematics, technical books to developers all over the world
  • Eloquent JavaScript

    Eloquent JavaScript is an e-book that describes the wonders of Javascript and provides exercises on creating real world applications.
  • Learning REACT

    This is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to build modern web applications using the React JavaScript library
  • RIP Tutorial

    RIP Tutorial is a free website that contains plenty of eBook resources and examples that can be helpful to developers.
  • The Deep Learning textbook

    The Deep Learning textbook is a resource intended to help students and practitioners enter the field of machine learning in general and deep learning in particular. The online version of the book is now complete and will remain available online for free.