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Computer Science

  • 5 Minutes Engineering

    On 5 Minutes Engineering, you can find EASIEST explanations for all following mentioned subjects in HINDI: Aptitude, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, C, R, and Python Programming Languages, Discrete Mathematics (DM), Theory Of Computation (TOC), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Database Management System(DBMS), Software Modeling and Designing(SMD), Software Engineering and Project Planning(SEPM), Data mining and Warehouse(DMW), Data analytics(DA), Mobile Communication(MC), Computer networks(CN), High performance Computing(HPC), Operating system, System programming (SPOS), Internet of things(IOT), and Design and analysis of algorithm(DAA)
  • Gate Smashers

    Gate Smashers provides content for Computer science subjects such as Operating System, DBMS, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering and more.
  • Jenny's Lectures CS IT

    Jenny’s Lectures CS IT is a Free YouTube Channel providing Computer Science / Information Technology / Computer-related tutorials, including NET & JRF Coaching Videos, GATE Coaching Videos, UGC NET, NTA NET, JRF, BTech, MTech, Ph.D., tips, and other helpful videos for Computer Science / Information Technology students.

    KNOWLEDGE GATE is a YouTube channel that discusses core Computer Science subjects and helps CS/IT students to prepare for University/semester and GATE Exams
  • Neso Academy

    Covers various topics related to field of computer science like Engineering Lectures,School Syllabus, and Competitive Exams