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  • Atcoder

    AtCoder is a programming contest site for beginners to experts.
  • CodeChef

    Learn to code for free using our beginner friendly and interactive learning courses. Get all the practical skills required to excel at computer science.
  • Codeforces

    Codeforces is a website for practicing competitive programming
  • Coding Ninjas

    Want to participate in coding wars? Compete with other coders worldwide by participating in the contests. You also earn points for your achievements.
  • Geek for Geeks

    This website is the best place to practice programming problems, review company interview questions, and improve your coding skills
  • HackerRank

    This resource provides developers with competitive programming challenges to improve their skills in multiple languages. It also allows tech recruiters to assess developers on their problem-solving skills.
  • LeetCode

    This site offers competitive coding challenges and interview preparation resources for software engineers and developers.
  • SPOJ

    SPOJ is an online judge system with over 315,000 registered users and over 20,000 problems.