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  • 1001 fonts

    1001 fonts is a platform that offers 42933 free fonts in 24214 families · Free licenses for commercial use·
  • Befonts

    Befonts is a platform where you can download fonts for free for personal or commercial use.
  • DaFont

    DaFont is a versatile platform enabling users to download and share a wide range of fonts, encompassing both free and commercial options.
  • Font Joy

    Font Joy is a website that generates font pairings for designers and developers to use in their projects.
  • Fontesk

    Curated online font library that contains the best high-quality free fonts to download for commercial and personal use.
  • Fonts Quirrel

    Fonts Quirrel is platform to get free commercial fonts for your project. It's another huge library for fonts.
  • Fontshare

    Fontshare is a website that offers a wide selection of high-quality, free fonts for personal and commercial use.
  • Google Fonts

    The No. 1 resource for free and easy-to-use webfonts by Google. It has a huge library of fonts.
  • Type Scale

    A tool to create visual type scales - sets of font sizes that follow good-looking proportions.